Wednesday, December 27, 2006


He was still breathing. O’Tooles eyes felt bruised. He didn’t want to open them, but he was being asked to. He had a headache.

“Open your eyes”

No. He didn’t want to. It was going to hurt.

“Open your eyes”

Suddenly it all came flooding back and O’Toole more than opened his eyes. He jolted forward, was ready to run, but went no where. His eyes opened. They did hurt, but he didn’t care. Had they finished?

“Peter Donin O’Toole, prisoner R4787, this is your formal notice of having been implanted with a Berger Tag Mark IV. This tag is located in your frontal lobe. The Caysyn System is now tracking your whereabouts. The Caysyn System knows your location at all times. It is our duty to advise you that in a court of law, evidence provided by the Caysyn System is absolute and cannot be revoked”
O’Toole, his head now free from the restraint that held it firm during the implant procedure, gingerly looked to his left to where the voice was coming from. It was Gardener.

“O’Toole, it is my…pleasure…to inform you that you are now no longer a resident of this prison. Your release has been officiated by myself on this day, February tenth, twenty thirty-two at oh eight hundred hours. You are free to leave. Please follow me”

O’Toole felt the restraints being removed from his legs, arms and chest. Gardener had turned and was walking from the room. He stopped outside the door when O’Toole failed to follow.

“It hurts” said O’Toole.
“What did you expect? Hurry up, O’Toole. It’s time to go”

O’Toole hesitantly swung his legs to the floor and stood with trepidation, but found his balance to be sure.

“You’re fine, O’Toole. The headache will be gone by this afternoon”

Thinking of his head, O’Toole reached up and felt where his shoulder length hair once was, replaced now by the sharp little prickles of the clippered stubble. Moving his hand, he felt a tiny indent center front, where the tag had been inserted

“You look beautiful” said Gardener “Just beautiful” a wry smile played on his lips.
“Let’s go”

Finding his feet, O’Toole followed behind Gardener through the halls of the prison hospital and out into the light.

The Caysyn System, named after Caysyn Rebecca Lauren Tomas, born 2014, died 2016. Murdered by Cris K Mullen, serial child rapist and petty thief. The death of Caysyn Tomas sparked widespread outrage and calls were made for a monitoring system to be implemented and used to track the whereabouts of known convicted criminals. At the time the Caysyn System was being trialed on wayward pets under the name of Roam Free. Its technologies needed little adaptation. The legalities were fast tracked. Little Caysyn Tomas’ death was not to be in vain.


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