Friday, December 29, 2006

Prologue continued

Social Security has been all but phased out, and the welfare class is no longer. Instead, welfare has been replaced by corporate sponsorship. Sporting, musical or scholary talents are identified at an early age and corporations buy allegiances almost from the cradle. If one child from a family shows promise in a certain field, the same company also sponsors all subsequent children of the same parents until adulthood and employment within that company. There are still regular jobs if you are not under corporate sponsorship, though your financial future is not as promising.

No sponsorship and no job spells extreme poverty and with no Social Security for the able bodied, a person needs to rely strongly on family and friends. Consequently, having a family is taken far more seriously. There are fewer single parents, people living with their parents and extended family for longer. Charities are under greater pressure, but have less support.


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