Tuesday, December 26, 2006

“There’s a lemming for you” Justin nodded his head towards a young man headed toward them on the footpath.
“Indeed. Very lemming like” agreed Hannah.
“Look at his shoes! Oh, he’s just too perfect. Please, Hannah, you must let me”
“No Justin”
“Hannah please!”
“No Justin”
“Oh you’re no fun”
“And you’re almost as bad as one of my clients at Evermore”
“You’re so mean!”
“You’re so immature”
“You’re getting old”
“I’m not. I’m just not…oh, god, do what you want. I don’t care”
The young man was now immediately in front of them. Within a moment he had passed.
“You didn’t do it” said Hannah.
“You wouldn’t let me”
“I said you could”
“But you didn’t want me to”
Hannah stopped mid stride. Justin stopped just in front of her.
“I’ve had enough” she said, her shoulders sagging visibly.
“I’m sorry. Did the retards give you a hard time today?”
“Justin! I’ve told you enough times, don’t call them retards. I’m just fucking sick of you and this bullshit and how you treat everything like a game and I’ve had enough today!”
“Oooo, aren’t we testy?” he teased.
“Fuck! Justin!”
A few people were by now paying the pair some attention. A middle-aged man hesitated briefly before stopping and addressing them.
“Er, not that I mind, not that it bothers me, as such, but you know how some people are and, um, I just thought I should remind you about the new language laws” he saw a flash in Justins eyes “Sorry, it’s just, you don’t want your girlfriend in trouble?”
“He’s not my boyfriend”
“Yes I am!” said Justin brightly, latching onto Hannahs arm “And I thank you sir for your sense of community. I’ll just escort my girlfriend home now, where she can use all the profanity she desires”
“Um, yes, of course. Just, you know, I’m no prude, but it’s the law now and…”
The man stopped talking, bowed his head and mumbled a goodbye.
Hannah disentangled her arm from Justins and in a low voice said “I hate you”.
“You don’t mean that” countered Justin.
Hannah started forward, Justin followed. Walking quickly, looking ahead, Hannah said “I think I might”.
“Don’t be silly”
“No, Justin, it is you that’s being silly. Every day, twenty-four seven, and I’m tired of it. We’re not sixteen any more”
“Not even” said Justin wryly.
Hannah abruptly stopped walking again. Justin hovered beside her.
“No, not even. And it would do you well to remember it”
“No, not today. Not any more. Go away”
“Go where?”
“Away. Away from me. Go. I’ll walk home”
“I know”
“You don’t know shit”
“I know its today”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about” replied, guarded.
“You do Hannah. You might not talk about it, but you know. I know its today. You know its today” taking Hannah’s hand, Justin said softly “Caysyn will watch him for you. You needn’t worry about him”.
Hannah jerked her hand away from Juntin’s and said slowly, quietly “You don’t know shit. Now GO AWAY”.
Justin began to walk back in the direction they had come. Hannah watching him go, shouted after him “I’m not scared of him, Justin. He loved me. I don’t have to be scared”
“Of course not” Justin threw over his shoulder at her.
Hannah watched him be swallowed by the crowd.
“I’m not” Hannah whispered to his back “I don’t”.


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